How Waking Up 15 Minutes Earlier Optimizes the Day

How Waking Up 15 Minutes Earlier Optimizes the Day

Range Govindan
Dec 10, 2010

If you've optimized your morning routine to perfection, it's safe to say that any unforeseen event may mess up your optimized schedule. It happened to me and I've had to adapt the way I do things in the morning in order to never be late.

This week, I sprained my ankle while walking my dog. The unfortunate event didn't make me late for work, but it almost did, which is something I always strive to avoid. I had optimized my morning routine but had given myself a 10-minute buffer, which basically ensured that I was on time instead of early.

The next day, knowing that I would spent part of my morning hobbling around, I decided to wake up 15 minutes earlier. Lately, checking my email while maintaining Inbox Zero ate up my 10-minute buffer rather quickly. So it's good that I decided to up the ante and give myself even more breathing room. The added time allowed me to easily check and address all of my emails and walk my dog, even though I was mostly hobbling. One of my reasons for optimizing my morning routine was because I tend to waste time in the morning pretty easily because I'm not really awake. It's also easy to waste 30-45 minutes on emails and catching up on news as well as feeds.

The trick is to try to find the right amount of time so that you aren't in that much of a rush in the morning. You should try waking up earlier in 15-minute increments to see which suits your lifestyle the best. Kids, spouses, pets, and other factors need to be taken in account when doing this. The extra time can be spent checking up on email, getting ready for an exam or a work-related presentation, or packing a healthy lunch if you tend to eat out.

Here are a few ways that you can get up earlier if you want to get your stuff done. Out of these ways, the Philips Wake-Up Light is definitely a painless way to wake up and will keep your grouch at bay.

1. Use Your Cell Phone As Your Main Alarm Clock
2. Use A Funky Rolling Clock to Make Sure You Wake Up In Time
3. Use A Voice-Controlled Alarm Clock
4. Use the Philips Wake-Up Light to Wake Up Naturally

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