Trying To Choose? Try a Sample for Less Than $1.00

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes you’d just like to test wallpaper out in a small area first — or maybe you’re adding a little pop of pattern in an unexpected space. Either way, ordering a sample can be a great way to go, but many places want $5 or more for a square. We found a more accessible retailer that has them for less than $1.00 — score!

Although there might not be someone in an orange apron around to help us when we need it, we have to hand it to Home Depot when it comes to the award for inexpensive wallpaper samples. We use wallpaper quite often in craft projects and other small DIY tasks and buying a whole roll or paying a high price for such a small piece can be feel a little frustrating.

You can find their list of $0.99 samples on their website (there’s almost 2,000 to choose from!), if you’re looking for the two in the opening image you can find those them, too: Teal Multicolored Modern Large Scale Leaf and Multi Colored Modern Large Scale Leaf. We’re willing to try anything for $0.99, heck we’re willing to try 5 additional pieces at that price to make an even bigger swatch Don’t forget to use any leftover scraps for holiday card making!

Do you know of another place to pick up samples to try before you buy or purchase less than a roll? Share your design secret in the comments below!

Images: Home Depot