Cat Furniture Brand Tuft and Paw Is Making Litter Boxes Easy-to-Clean and Even Beautiful

published Jan 20, 2020
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Cat beds and cat furniture have gone beyond utilitarian—they’re now as beautiful, creative, and well-designed as human furniture. But can we say the same about litter boxes? Sure, they’re basically toilets for cats, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved.

Tuft and Paw, the cat furniture brand behind this luxury cat tower, is out to prove that litter boxes don’t have to be gross plastic tubs we hide in a closet. They can be simple, easy-to-clean, and even beautiful. Tuft and Paw has designed a new litter box, called the Cove, for which the brand is currently raising money on Kickstarter. Cat parents are so impressed, the project has already received over $45,000, above and beyond its $10,000 goal, with 26 days left to go in its campaign.

What is so special about the Cove? Its sleek look cleverly hides a built-in scoop, brush, and dustbin for easy cleanup and storage.

“After in depth user research, we discovered the most important feature of a litterbox is that it should be easy to clean,” says Tuft and Paw on Kickstarter. “Yet many litterboxes have shapes and materials that don’t align with this. Cove’s shape is incredibly simple and open – there are no unnecessary bends or hard-to-get-to corners. For the material itself, we considered a variety of options, but ultimately landed on recycled plastic because it’s durable and especially easy to clean.”

The Cove also has a silicone grip on the bottom for stability, handles for easy carrying, and vertical walls for better preventing “litter scatter” than typical sloping walls.

Environmental sustainability was also important in the litter box’s design process. “Our design is made to be durable and long lasting,” writes Tuft and Paw. “We chose plastic because it’s easy to clean and lasts forever… This is the only litterbox you’ll ever need to purchase.”

Right now, you can reserve the Cove for a pledge of $89 on Kickstarter. Once the campaign ends, after the litter box goes into production, Tuft and Paw plans to sell it for $149.