Tune In: The Best, Funniest TV Episodes About Moving

Tune In: The Best, Funniest TV Episodes About Moving

Tess Wilson
Aug 27, 2013

Are you packing or unpacking a seemingly infinite amount of boxes? Are you vainly attempting to locate the tape in a pile of bubble wrap and boxes? Are you embroiled in a debate about who gets which room and what should go where? Stop working and watch other people move, with hilarious results!

I will do my best to avoid spoilers, but certain facts must be revealed in order to discuss the goings-on!

How I Met Your Mother, S2E18, "Moving Day": Barney, convinced that Ted doesn't really want to move in with Robin, steals Ted's moving truck, leaving him with only a sword and a box of pot lids (above). Robin mulls over all the things she won't be able to do with Ted around (smoke, read Guns & Ammo) while Ted tries to come to terms with the things Robin would prefer he not do (put his feet on the coffee table where she eats, put a TV in the bedroom, hang his sword on the wall).

How I Met Your Mother, S3E12, "No Tomorrow": Marshall and Lily move into their newly-purchased apartment, only to realize that the floors are slanted. As I wrote about in It Came With The Place: Inherited Treasures, Robin saves moving day by using the skateboard and colander left behind by previous tenants to create the sport Apartment Roller Luge.

Friends, S4E12, "The One With The Embryos": This is perhaps my favorite episode, one which was examined and celebrated in depth over at the A.V. Club. Joey and Chandler remind us that when deciding who gets which room in a new home, standard shotgun rules apply: "I'm in sight of the room and I call it!" It's also a good reminder to maybe not bet your huge, fabulous, rent-controlled apartment, no matter how good you are at lightning rounds.

30 Rock, S2E1, "SeinfeldVision": Tracy Jordan's wife kicks him out of the house, forcing him to move into the studio where he tells Kenneth, "Yo, Ken, l'm gonna use this whole kitchen area as my bathroom. Spread the word." He also asks Liz Lemon if he can keep his cockatiel in her office and sells his wedding ring to buy a Nintendo Wii.

30 Rock, S4E2, "Into The Crevasse": Due to revelations in Liz Lemon's book Dealbreakers, Tracy Jordan is once again kicked out of his house and must move in with her, leading to a classic line that only Tracy Morgan could deliver: "Oh yeah, there's a garbage bag in the hall with a reef shark in it. Just put him in the tub with a reef." There's also an elephant in the room..

Seinfeld, S8E10, "Andrea Doria": George moves into an new apartment that's better than Jerry's and Elaine's, "a two-bedroom-one-bath-make-your-friends-hate-you". George: "Hey, you got any extra furniture down there? I need some more stuff to fill that extra bedroom with the walk-in closet." Jerry: "Oh, this is really annoying." George: "It's working already!"

Parks & Recreation, S2E15, "Sweetums": In which Tom Haverford reveals himself to be the last person in the world that you would want to help move. Special appearance by DJ Roomba.

Those are the moving day episodes I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are many more great ones. Please share!

(Image: How I Met Your Mother Wiki)

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