Turn Old Items into Fresh Finds With These DIY Upgrades

Turn Old Items into Fresh Finds With These DIY Upgrades

Lauren Hannel
Mar 29, 2017

We know you had good intentions: when you come across a free curbside cast-off, or have a piece you've become seriously attached to, it's hard to let it go. But after your best efforts to work it into your home, something's still not working…and this isn't necessarily a bad thing. When you're faced with the decision to toss or transform an old piece of furniture, why not upgrade it into something useful? Not only is this approach cost efficient and fun, but you also get to customize your designs as you go!

The DIY: A Painted Accent Chair

Is there anyone who doesn't love a good accent chair? Seating options usually don't come cheap, especially when they are intricately designed or to-the-moment on-trend. So skip the expensive chairs and find a secondhand one for a great price: all you need for this project is some fabric paint, brushes and a confident hand. And before you know it, you'll have an original chair that you crafted all on your own!

The steps: Read up on this DIY on Sugar & Cloth to get some insider tips on how to easily paint fabric.
The supplies: For under $100, you can easily find the perfect fabric chair to use as a base.

The DIY: Velvet Tufted Headboard

(Image credit: Hulu / The Mindy Project)

Nothing screams luxe like velvet, and even more so when it's meticulously tufted and tailored. While this tutorial is (admittedly) probably not for the novice crafter, you're likely to end up saving a ton of money, while also having the opportunity to make the piece completely custom.

The project: Looking to get a better night's sleep under something seriously luxurious? Turn to Glitter and Goat Cheese.
The supplies: A wood headboard is the perfect base for all of your crafting dreams.

The DIY: Ladder Nightstand

You can't top the convenience of having something close at hand when you're sleeping; you never know when a late night glass of water or bedtime reading material is going to be necessary. This tiered ladder nightstand offers a lot of nice, open storage in one compact frame: everything from your alarm clock to a midnight snack will be right where you need them.

The project: No step-by-step tutorial needed for this one!
The supplies: Who would have though that something as everyday as a ladder could have so much potential?

The DIY: Personalized Cutting Board

Not all cutting boards are going to have the natural character like you see above; if there are a few imperfections on the surface that you'd like to cover up, consider customizing it with some wood burning. You won't lose any form or function of the board, and will guarantee that you have something completely one-of-a-kind.

The project: Head over to Brit + Co to learn the necessary steps, and get a little inspiration.
The supplies: Grab a wood cutting board and start planning your designs.

The DIY: A Statement Throw Blanket

While aesthetic appeal is obviously important, a house just isn't a home unless you can feel comfortable and cozy. All it takes is an embroidery hoop and a vision to upgrade a knit blanket into something really special: oversized pom-poms add a little bit of whimsy without going overboard. You'll make something that's as perfect for cuddling as it is to display proudly.

The project: Consider Vintage Revivals to be your spirit guide into the world of pom-poms.
The supplies: Grab the nearest knit blanket and get ready to get cozy.

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