Airmov Turns Your iPad Into a Yoga Mat For Your Fingers

Airmov Turns Your iPad Into a Yoga Mat For Your Fingers

Gregory Han
Feb 3, 2012

Here's an app that may come in "handy" if your hands and fingers are feeling the effects of overuse on the computer. Airmov is a free iOS app for both the iPad and iPhone which offers a "stretch break" using the touch UI of either device. Think of Airmov as a small digital yoga mat to combat carpal tunnel...

Airmov initially gave us a bit of trouble upon installing, crashing 3 or 4 times after the start screen. We had to completely restart our trust 1st generation iPad, and then even after, the app crashed one more time for good measure. But once we got the app working, the effects of slowly stretching using Airmov provided noticeable results and worth the wait.

My girlfriend said her hands and wrist felt better following the slow and easy movements of the cucumber slices on the screen, as shown above. Airmov's intuitive and friendly graphical mix of fruit and veggie slices make following the exercises inviting. But whether the app's effects are a short temporary fix or something we should integrate daily into break is yet to be seen (and dependent upon improvement with app stability), but considering it's free, it couldn't hurt to give it a try if you've got symptoms of hand, wrist or finger pain.

AirMov can be downloaded for free for the iPhone or iPad:
•Two stretch types are available for users: Press Stretch and Drag Stretch. They can choose the exercise that works best for their hands.
•Users can be alerted of their Stretch Breaks on a preset schedule, or a specified time interval based on device usage.
•Thousands of themes and add-ons are planned so users will see something new every time they stretch.
•AirMov characters will play your host, coach, and messenger, turning a boring stretching routine into a fun experience.

Via Fast Company Design

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