Turn Your Old CD Spindles Into A Groovy Lamp

Turn Your Old CD Spindles Into A Groovy Lamp

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jan 25, 2011

The humble CD spindle has several uses beyond merely holding CDs. We've talked about how this holder can help with your move, hold your lunch, and store your cables and now it looks like we have another use to add, be a lamp. The CD spindle lamp is not just any lamp either, but as ReadyMade so aptly puts it, "it's a lava lamp for the LimeWire generation."

Learn to turn your old CD spindles like the one shown above into a fun and groovy lamp courtesy of ReadyMade. The project takes about half a day to complete and is rated by ReadyMade as an Easy project.

To make this project you will need: a CD spindle case (100-disc size), 4 6/32" x 3/8" long or 1/4" long screws, 4 plastic or rubber risers, 4 6/32" lock washers, 4 6/32" nuts, 6' of lamp wire, medium-base candelabra socket, 2 1" (or larger) washers with 3/8" opening, 2 1" (or larger) lock washers with 3/8" opening, 1/8" IP x 1/2" long hollow threaded bolt, 1/8" IP nut, cord switch, 11"x 17" color copy for shade, low-wattage light bulb (up to 25 watts), and rubber cement.

The tools needed for this project are: a drill, 1/8" drill bit, small screwdriver, pliers, adjustable wrench, and 1/4" to 3/8" drill bit.

Check out the project on ReadyMade for the complete instructions.

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(Images Jeffery Cross for ReadyMade and Flickr member Matt Scott licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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