TV on the Floor: Haphazard Tech Livin'

TV on the Floor: Haphazard Tech Livin'

Anthony Nguyen
Dec 8, 2011

It's apparently fashionable these days to leave your place in a mess and have folks still call it "homey." We won't lie - the carefree, lounge-anywhere look certainly beats the minimal modern trend we saw a couple years back, but would you go as far as placing your brand new LED TV on the floor as you would your books and unframed art?

For us, the ramifications of such a move comes with immediate consequences. Having a TV on the floor means you can accidentally bump it in a multitude of ways. We're your vivid imagination is far more interesting than ours, but I can already picture myself stumbling back home late at night, forgetting I put my $1,500 television set on the floor, and finding giant hole in the middle of the screen in the shape of a shoe the following morning.

And the hazards just pile up if you add 1) a clumsy significant other, 2) a kid, or 3) any animal with 2 or more legs.

We recommend using these tips if you're going forward with the plan:

  1. Keep It In the Corner: This will avoid that late night accident waiting to happen.
  2. Keep It Small: Don't go over the 40-incher marker - it'd probably be better to keep the set as small as possible as the famous saying goes: "The bigger it comes, the harder it falls."
  3. Have Floor Seating Available: The ability to sit on the ground and watch it seems like the most practical option in terms of seating.

Whether it's chic or trendy to put your expensive set on the floor, well... that's another point of debate. What are your thoughts on placing the TV on the floor?

(Images: OWI)

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