4 Reality Series to Stream Once You’ve Finished ‘Love Is Blind’

published May 5, 2020
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Credit: Netflix

Don’t deny it: You binged all ten episodes and that heated reunion special of “Love Is Blind” in a shamefully short amount of time. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. The social experiment that had people deciding to get engaged after mere days of talking to each other through a wall (if those pods could talk, guys) and walking down the aisle in a month was very much a TV train wreck and it was impossible to look away.

Now that you scarfed that reality show down, where to next? It’s a tall order to find something that can fill the “Love Is Blind” void, but perhaps one of these four recommendations will do the trick. 

Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight” and “Love Is Blind” could both be retitled “Strangers Getting Married” (they both come from the same producing team at Kinetic Content, so this makes sense), but where the folks on “Love Is Blind” get to choose the stranger they want to walk down the aisle with (or ditch that very day), the “Married At First Sight” contestants are pretty much entering into an arranged marriage. It’s much more of a docu-series than a reality competition show, following the newlyweds post-wedding and giving them eight weeks to decide if they want to stay married or get divorced. Sometimes it’s a complete disaster, but sometimes it actually works out. There’s a reason this show has been on for ten seasons. 
Streaming on Hulu and Netflix

Too Hot to Handle

Take “Love Is Blind,” remove the pods, take marriage off the table, and up the horny factor by like 300 percent and you’ll get Netflix’s follow up to their reality dating show hit. If you’re looking for a mess, “Too Hot to Handle” should hit the spot. It features a gaggle of sexed up singles tossed together on a resort who believe they’ll be spending the next few weeks hooking up as much as they want to, only to learn—through a smart speaker named Lana, no less—that if they have sex or engage in any type of sexual activity, money will be subtracted from the grand prize. Yes, friends, that’s the game. The very first episode even features a “Countdown to the Sex Ban” so you know exactly what you’re getting into from the start.
Streaming on Netflix

Terrace House

If you’re feeling exhausted from the high drama of “Love Is Blind,” but are still interested in people hooking up, try “Terrace House,” a Japanese reality show similar to the early days of “The Real World,” in which six people live in a house together and we watch what happens. Usually, a lot of dating happens. Guys, this show is a breath of fresh air in this corner of reality TV. It’s a quiet slow-burn, but you’ll easily find yourself addicted. And that’s not to say “Terrace House” doesn’t have its fair share of drama or romantic angst—it’s just all served up in a much calmer fashion.
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Dating Around

Remember how awkward some of those initial conversations in the “Love Is Blind” pods were? “Dating Around” is like that, but face-to-face. So, you know, like actual, normal dating. Each half-hour episode follows one person who goes on five first dates and then can pick someone to go on a second date with…or not, if they don’t want to. Yes, friends, dating reality shows can be that simple and still engrossing. It’s a dating show that has refreshingly stripped away all the nonsense because honestly, it’s just fun to watch normal people going on dates that feel based in actual reality.
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