Tween Furniture Takes Off

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Babies booming. We didn’t wake up on the wrong side of bed or anything like that, but we did find this Times article, Home Decor, a la Teenager, somewhat surprising. While we thought that the upsurge in baby boomer’s spoiling their children rotten had statistically ended, along comes a new boom in the furniture market for children.

More retailers are rushing to take advantage of what has become a $17 billion market for room furnishings meant to appeal directly to young people from third grade through high school. It is a market, said Michael Wood, a vice president at Teenage Research Unlimited, that has “really exploded in the last two years.”

Mind you, what is perhaps really going on here is that children are spending their money on furniture rather than other things, and the interior design bug has trickled down to toddlers. Oi-veh. If only this had happened when we were chldren. (Thanks, Jonathan!) MGR