TwistDock: A Dock for the PS3

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If there’s anything more irritating than having Sony’s flagship Blu-ray/game console take center stage on our home theater racks, it’s all the charging wires that stem from the front ports of the PS3 to charge our controllers. Fear not, wire-phobes, TwistDock will allow you to dock your PS3 in style, all while opening up extra USB ports, and giving your home theater a nice general overall improvement in sexiness.

Currently planned for the U.S. possibly later this year (Europe already gets to meddle with this wonderful little thing), the TwistDock docks your PS3, while allowing 2 USB ports dedicated to charging your controllers and an additional whoppin’ 4 USB ports to connect your Bluetooth headset, USB hard drives, and whatever else you got going into that SuperStation of yours.

You can get it imported from Europe for €79,99 ($98.40) or wait for it to hit store shelves when it hits. Oh, and if you’re into CGI trailers, you can check out theirs below:

[Via ChipChick]