Someone Spotted a Denim Leg Table — a “Jable” — and Twitter Has Jokes

published Mar 31, 2022
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Credit: BoConcept/Shutterstock

Social media is home to all kinds of wacky discoveries, and you truly never know what you’ll find when you open up any given app these days. Case in point: the now-viral photo of a side table that features a pair of legs in jeans and pointy boots as the base, which is lovingly referred to as a “jable.”

Twitter user @UpsetPancakes seemingly had no idea he had a viral hit on his hands, and he’s now thanking his “100 or so loyal followers in helping me go Jiral. Give me a follow if you like other kinds of funny material (may or may not be Jean related, Jod only knows).” The photo in question includes a white side table with literal legs cut just above the knee, with said legs wearing ripped denim and grayish silver boots. UpsetPancakes captioned the shot: “Yeah just put your keys on the Jable.”

Naturally, others began sharing their hilarious denim-related Twitter finds, including “jairs,” aka an entire staircase lined with pairs of jeans and a keychain made of a tiny pair of jeans, with the user joking that the jable makes for the “the perfect place to put my jeys.” Based on another user’s photo, a replica version of the denim leg table exists elsewhere but with a square wood top — though it seems that person’s cat is less than pleased by it all.

Some pointed out that Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana had a similarly silly table, although hers included extremely brightly colored patterned leggings instead of jeans. Others have also spotted golf-themed footstools, with one person joking, “I regret not buying this everyday.”

Of course, you could probably DIY something similar if you’re willing to get a bit crafty by dressing table legs with pants and shoes — frankly, the possibilities are endless with a little creativity and some clothes you’re willing to have permanently on display in your home.