Twitter Gone Too Far: Toilet Tweets

Twitter Gone Too Far: Toilet Tweets

Taryn Williford
May 7, 2009

So you're one of the first one of your friends to start tweeting with Twitter and you're trying every day to convince the others to hop on the bandwagon. Chances are, all you hear back from them is how useless Twitter can be and how they don't want to hear about what everyone on all the internets had for breakfast. In your mission to try and convince them Twitter can be so much more than useless updates (it's true!), make sure you don't let them see this on your "following" list: The Tweeting Toilet.

Hacker Seth Hardy wired up the commode in the HackLab, Toronto's Hacker Collective, so it updates when you flush.

Using an Arduino interface and a bunch of wires, one man and several bowel movements have officially made a Twitter profile that is completely full of crap.

If you've got the programming chops and you're eager to hook your toilet up with its own online identity, Seth promises he will be posting the code once he cleans it up and credits the parts he "borrowed." Keep an eye on the project's page for that info.

And if you're so inclined, follow hacklab.TOilet on Twitter to check out its tweets and a brilliant bio. Ok, we'll spoil it: "HAY IM A TOILET!!!11!! poop jokes are still funny, admit it."

Yes, they are. Especially when coming from the toilet itself.

Via Hack A Day

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