These Untraditional Nativity Sets are Taking Over Twitter

published Dec 10, 2020
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Nativity scenes have remained a classic symbol of holiday decorating for those who celebrate Christmas since 1223. One Twitter user recently discovered “minimalist nativity sets,” sharing some photos of modern twists on the iconic birth of Jesus decorations, with fellow Twitter users truly divided about this artistic phenomenon.

Twitter user Kirby Jones shared the photos of four unique nativity scenes. Her tweet quickly went viral, and people sharing their reactions to the sets, which largely eschew the traditional character figurines of the holy family, the wise men, shepherds, camels, barn animals, and sheep in favor of colorful blocks, balls, stained glass pieces, and even plain blocks with words on them.

Most people seemed to love the stained glass nativity scene ($155, Etsy), created by artist Lauren Wzorek Earl, for its minimal and delicate shapes and colors. The other sets elicited mixed reactions and inspired others to share their own DIY versions of modern nativity scenes, serving up laughs aplenty.

There’s the rubber duck nativity scene, featuring the classic bath toys in all their regal-looking glory:

And the lawn gnome-inspired nativity scene:

And who could forget the Shrek-inspired scene for animated holiday merriment?

Someone somehow got 7 dogs to pose perfectly in a manger:

There’s even an “IT department nativity scene” made out of computer parts:

And in true 2020 fashion, nativity scenes made out of both cleaning supplies and liquor bottles, because staying safe and sane in a pandemic might necessitate having plenty of both on hand.

All this to say that there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate the history of Christmas, whether you’re supporting artists and their work or getting a little creative with items you already have on hand. The opportunities are certainly endless.