People on Twitter Are Sharing the One Thing They’d Ban to Make Their City Better

published Jun 4, 2019
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When Vancouver city planner Brent Toderian posted an interesting question on Twitter on Sunday, he probably had no idea the massive amount of replies he’d receive. But the question struck a chord with the Twitterverse, which had plenty of opinions to share. 

“If you had the power to ban just one thing from cities in order to make them MUCH better, OTHAN THAN CARS (too easy), what would that one thing be?” Roderick wrote in a tweet on Sunday. 

Replies flooded in so strongly that Toderian created a Twitter poll to streamline the results. That racked in over 9300 votes, as of Tuesday afternoon.

“After 3400+ responses in less than a day (wow), a POLL on 4 popular answers,” said Toderian. 31% of responders answered “cars,” despite Toderian’s statement not to. 29% replied “guns,” while 25% answered “single-use plastic.” The remaining 15% answered “smoking.”

But it was the varied answers to Toderian’s tweets that were equally as fascinating. Here’s a few that stuck out:

“Car horns,” one user replied.

“Golf courses” proved to be a popular answer.

One person cited “billboards,” calling them “visual clutter.” 

“At this point, I would just settle for banning anyone who decides the best time to ride their 100+ decibel motorcycle past my place is at 1:30am,” another replied. 

One person answered “The selling of residential properties to foreign investors who never live in them.”

“Litter” proved to be a popular answer. 

“Chewing gum,” one woman answered. 

And as expected, one of the most popular replies for what respondents wanted to get rid of was “people.”