Two Great Bookshelves: The Good Old US of A and Equations

Two Great Bookshelves: The Good Old US of A and Equations

Range Govindan
Apr 6, 2009

Bookshelves are fun. I have so many books that they usually overflow any type of bookshelf that I use. They can also hold CDs, DVDs and all sorts of media as well. The trouble is that most people have to mix and match to fit their needs. Sometimes, it works well. Other times, it's a bit chaotic. People try to get by with what they've cobbled together. I kind of like the trend of having a showcase bookshelf, kind of like a piece of art, as a center piece.

Equation Bookshelf
This bookshelf isn't just for all of your math geeks, but it definitely makes a statement. You'll find a bunch of mathematical symbols integrated in the shelf. They aren't too mathematical, since they are only a pair of commas and brackets. Still, they can be quite amusing if used in your home office, above your computer desk. I really liked this shelf. It's simple and has a nice design. The designers say that this shelf uses a simple idea to divide things in priority order. You'll put books books in priority order, from the most urgent and immediate in the center, and then the less needed toward the outside. [via PicoCool]

USA Map Bookshelf
This bookshelf was created by the Israeli designer Ron Arad. Call it fun or patriotic, it works well. The shelf is divided into different sizes so that you can put a lot of books into it. The general shape is that of the USA. Just like the previous shelf, it definitely makes a statement. You can see that it's a great center piece as well as a bookshelf. I like how much space there is to stack your books. It's surprisingly deceiving, since the shelves aren't parallel to the ground. You initially imagine that there isn't much space, when there is a lot. [via Fubiz]

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