Two Kids' Rooms in a Brooklyn Brownstone

Two Kids' Rooms in a Brooklyn Brownstone

Katie Steuernagle
Aug 20, 2012

Kids' rooms are so fun to decorate because you get to turn up the colors, turn down the seriousness, and break the rules. Sure, the room can still reflect the personality of the parents, but it's like a fun house mirror reflection: bold, bright, and silly. And you may as well go all out, because it's only a matter of time until the kids start to undo your design and put their own stamp on their space anyway. If you have a hard time letting go of your design inhibitions, take a look at these two kid rooms that Bob and Cortney Novogratz designed in Park Slope.

The really fun thing about these rooms is how the Novos referenced the historical details of the early 1900s brownstone but tweaked them into something modern and playful. The fireplaces, the woodwork, and the bay windows immediately let you know that these rooms aren't in a mid-century rancher, so Bob and Cortney used tons of funny twists on classics to make the spaces pop.

The boys' room got kelly green toile wallpaper and navy blue toile window treatments, because if you're going to go toile, you may as well go toiles out. And the green print made for an awesome basketball hoop backboard, too.

The girl's room got wallpaper in a classic bird pattern. But Cortney (or maybe it was Major?) picked out two different colors for the wallpaper and hung them in vertical stripes. And the window treatments are granny chic lace with a hilarious pom pom fringe trim. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks pom pom fringe can be hilarious, but on lace? That made me smile. For as many times as I've been to the fabric store, I've never walked out with lace and pom pom fringe in the same bag, but Cortney stepped into Mood and walked out with the funniest window treatments I've ever seen.

And let's not forget the most obvious super cranked up design juxtaposition in the rooms: those beautiful chandeliers backed by ceilings that look like 10 foot long Jolly Ranchers. Shiny and saturated, those ceiling colors are the icing on the cake.

(Images: Matthew Williams)

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