Two New Ipod Docks: From Vacuum Tubes to WiFi

Two New Ipod Docks: From Vacuum Tubes to WiFi

Range Govindan
Nov 21, 2008

iPod docks are a dime a dozen, but it's needless to say that we all need one, when we want to share our music with friends or take a break from the headphones. A good dock replaces a boombox and is perfect for anyone wanted to immediately play their music. With computers becoming more and more multi-functional, it's not surprising to see that a whole generation has come to embrace the iPod as their main music purveyor.

Marantz IS301

Marantz just announced the upcoming release of a new WiFi dock for your iPod. It comes with a sleeve that will piggyback on your iPod and transmit both the audio and video to the base station, where it will be relayed to a home theater system. The system is Bluetooth compatible. It's basically a wireless expander for your iPod. It looks interesting since you can be sitting around your place and change tracks on the fly, while not worrying too much about prepped playlists. What's cool is that it promises to rebroadcast not only music, but photos and videos as well. It will retail for about $280 in Japan. [via CrunchGear]

Logic 3's Valve80
This isn't the first vacuum based iPod sound system, but it certainly is interesting. However this one is only for the UK market and it's made by Logic 3. The Valve80 includes a pair of 2-way bookshelf speakers, which are coated in a black lacquer finish. There is a swanky looking vacuum tube amplifier that punches out 40-watts per channel. It naturally comes with an iPod dock and the usual assortment of ports. It will retail for $450 in the UK. [via T3]

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