Two Reasons to Put a Dry Erase Board in the Kitchen

Two Reasons to Put a Dry Erase Board in the Kitchen

Faith Durand
Feb 26, 2010

I recently put a small, inexpensive dry erase board on the refrigerator, and it's been so useful. Here are two simple ways I have been using it!

I had been wanting to put some sort of writing board in the kitchen for a while, but I was hesitant because I don't have a lot of wall space, and I didn't want too much clutter on the walls or fridge. I was still rather reluctant even after I bought this cheap little board, because it wasn't so cute, and I wasn't sure if I would end up using it after all.

Well, after all that reluctance, I've been so happy with this board. Here are the two ways I've been using it:

Fridge and freezer reminder. When we have leftovers or ingredients that should be used up soon, my husband or I put a note on this board and it helps us remember the food that is in the fridge before we open something new.

Dinner menu rundown. I find it really helpful to jot down the menu on the board while cooking a big dinner. Sometimes I'll forget a detail or two, or get caught up in one thing for too long. It's helpful to turn around and orient myself by glancing at the whole menu, written down in one place. And it's very satisfying to cross things off as I finish them!

Do you have a writeboard of some kind in your kitchen? Is it useful? If so, how do you find yourself using it?

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