Two Ways To Extend Your Appliance Warranty (for Free)

Two Ways To Extend Your Appliance Warranty (for Free)

Taryn Williford
Oct 21, 2010

Clink. Clink. Clunk. That's the sound your 2-year-old dryer makes right before it goes kaput on you. And that 2-year manufacturer's warranty? It expired last week. But don't lose hope. There's a couple of ways you can try extending that warranty—completely for free—to get your appliance repaired and working again.

Before you start scraping together change to pay the inevitable repair bill, try your luck at extending your warranty. There's a chance that you can get somebody else to cover the tab:

1. Call the Manufacturer
Your service warranty may have expired, but that doesn't mean your appliance's manufacturer isn't willing to help. Many companies are willing to go above and beyond to keep a customer—including extending your warranty and taking care of your repairs. This works best if you're a few weeks or just one month outside of coverage, but it can't hurt to try your luck with a call even if you're a year or more expired.

2. Call your Credit Card Company
If you're responsible with credit (someone who's not carrying a balance, for instance), it's a good idea to charge—then pay off—any big purchases like appliances. Most credit card companies offer extended warranties as perks for their customers, taking care of warranty repairs for 1 to 3 years longer than your basic manufacturer's warranty. Go online or call the number on your credit card for details.

(Images: Flickr user acosand under license from Creative Commons, Tri-County Bank)

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