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How To Rejuvenate Your Sweaters

updated Dec 2, 2019
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We talk a lot about organizing and keeping things tidy. While it’s satisfying to clean your bedroom closet, it’s extra satisfying to to repair any damaged contents within that closet.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I had the chance to clean my bedroom closet last week and took the time to polish my shoes, sew some missing buttons on a few blouses, and rejuvenate my sweaters. Properly taking care of the things you have just feels good and gives you new things to wear without spending cash. Rejuvenate your sweaters now, and they’ll be just like new next season!

What You Need To Remove Pills

A sweater brick! You can order one herefor $1.50. You could also try sandpaper, as Sarah Rae suggested last week.


1. Gather all the sweaters that need fixing so you can blast them out together.

2. Lightly drag the brick over the sweater to remove pills. (It’s sort of like a pumice stone for your knits.) A ball of fuzz will start to accumulate.

3. Only go over areas that need it which usually include areas that rub together like insides of sleeves.

What You Need To Fix a Snag

A needle, crochet hook or a seam ripper.


1. Turn the sweater inside out.

2. Insert your tool into the same stitch as the snag. Gently pull the snag through. If you do not go in to the same stitch as the snag, you will make an additional stitch. You want to avoid this!

3. To keep the stitch in place, tie it in a knot a few times.

4. Turn the sweater right side out. The snag now lives on the inside of the sweater which no one can see.

Images: Tanya Lacourse