TwoFlush Dual Flush Toilet Retrofit Kit

TwoFlush Dual Flush Toilet Retrofit Kit

Jonathan B.
Apr 24, 2008

Perhaps you have a brand new toilet and tossing it for a new model would seem wasteful. Perhaps you have an old toilet that's part of the character of your bathroom.

A kit we came across online lets you keep the toilet you have while benefiting from the water savings of a dual flush toilet.

(Note: despite the comical appearance of this photograph, this is not a Hot or Not.)

The TwoFlush kit replaces the flush valve in the tank of a standard toilet -- the clear tank above is for demonstration purposes only. It takes a bit of DIY, and if you're not comfortable with that, the company claims that a plumber can install it in less than an hour, though that would cut into the cost advantage compared to a new dual-flush toilet.

Turn the small handle for liquid waste, and the big handle for everything else: in theory, the amount of water used corresponds to just what's needed.

Here's the caveat: we've not used a TwoFlush before, and a few spelling bugaboos on the company's FAQ don't do much to inspire confidence in the product. It's also hard to say whether a half flush will fully evacuate the bowl in a toilet that was designed to be flushed with more water -- and the answer to that question depends on the toilet.

But if it works, the $50 cost is certainly much less than replacing a toilet. Quite frankly, we're skeptical -- but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

Has anyone used one of these before?

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