Tying Down Furniture To Your Car?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A few days ago, we were driving on the 134 and saw a woman in her VW Golf with a huge wardrobe sticking out the back. All of a sudden, we heard a snap, crack, and CRASH as the string snapped and sent the wardrobe flying out the car, over the hill, and off the highway landing somewhere between Eagle Rock and Glendale.

[ Photo from Globevision’s Flickr ]

Luckily, the freeway was pretty empty, so thankfully no one got hurt. But this little incident made us extremely paranoid about driving behind heavy loads and investing in a few Ty-Ups in case we ever need to strap something to the roof of our car.

Anyone got any tips on how to tie up furniture to your car? Share your tips and stories below!