This Under-the-Radar Packing Bundle Was a Game-Changer for My Last Move

published Apr 30, 2022
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When I moved from New York City to San Francisco in 2019, I was blessed with a relatively easy packing process. Since I was moving in with my then-boyfriend (now fiancé) and wanted to create a space that reflected both of our styles, I sold most of my dishes, furniture, and accessories. Moving a few stuffed suitcases from one coast to the other was a lot easier than enlisting a pricey moving company.

But, when we decided to move from our first shared apartment to a new space two years later, it was a totally different story. After two years of sheltering in place, we accumulated a lot of stuff that we simply weren’t willing to get rid of — especially since we were moving 20 minutes away from our previous home. Starting from scratch would have felt like a huge waste of money, time, and resources. The problem was, packing all of our belongings felt a tad overwhelming. What would we do with our clothes? How would we make sure our dishes didn’t break mid-move? How are you supposed to pack a television or mattress?

Fortunately, my moving worries were put to rest when I discovered U-Haul’s Moving Supplies Kit. Yep, that’s right: the moving truck company also has a bundle of customizable moving supplies to meet your and your belongings’ needs.

So, how does it work? First, you select the package in U-Haul’s Custom Kit section that best matches your goals. They have options for every size and situation. Schlepping all the goodies from your studio apartment? Check. Want to put your clothes in storage? Take a look at its wardrobe bundle. Moving into a larger home for your and your growing family? U-Haul has you covered there, too.

Each bundle has a list of recommended supplies — ranging from packing tape, to mattress protectors, to boxes of various sizes — but you can also add or remove items depending on your load. For example, the one-bedroom bundle comes with one television screen protector and 15 small moving boxes, so I added one more protector to our order and cut down on the boxes.

Not only did this moving bundle give my fiancé and I some much-needed peace of mind during our move, but it made the entire process a lot easier. Instead of shoving all of our clothes into a suitcase, we could transfer our hung pieces from our old closet, to the wardrobe box, to our new closet. But, if you ask me, it was the kitchen-based moving supplies that were the most game-changing. Let’s be honest, packing and moving delicate glasses and plates is downright stressful. However, U-Haul’s kit put me at ease with its cushioned pouches and glass pack box, which featured a cell divider so my glasses wouldn’t smash into each other mid-move. Not to brag, but we didn’t break a single glass or plate during our move!

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The only drawback I experienced with the bundle is that you’ll have a lot of used boxes to get rid of once you’re settled in your new home. If you want reduce your waste, give your lightly used supplies to a friend who is moving or someone in your community. (You’ll get major good neighbor points.)

Prices for U-Haul’s moving bundles will vary based on the exact set you purchase and how you choose to customize it. According to the site, the 4+ Bedroom Master Pak Moving Kit costs $487, which might elicit sticker shock. But, when you think about just how expensive it might be to replace broken or damaged items post-move, this set is a smart upfront investment.