5 Quick Fixes: Easy Door Repair

5 Quick Fixes: Easy Door Repair

Janel Laban
Feb 4, 2009

Got a sticky, squeaky or otherwise unruly door? No repairman is needed - we just ran across five quick and easy fixes that are DIY-able. Jump below for the simple steps:

Top Row, left to right:

Fix a door that sticks: Tape some carbon paper along the edge that is sticking. Open and close the door and the bluing will mark the problem areas, allowing you to sand or plane exactly the points that are causing the door to stick.

Fix a squeaky door: To ensure long-lasting silence, tap the hinge pin out of the hinge and coat the pin with white lithium grease.

Middle Row, left to right:

Fix a door that binds on one corner: Check the hinge mortises to see if one is deeper than the other. If so, install a thin cardboard shim or playing card under the hinge leave to adjust the alignment.

Fix a track-jumping sliding door: Badly bent or flattened guides will allow the door to slide out of the track and badly damaged tracks need to be reformed into their original shape. Use a scrap piece of lumber (or a large building block from a child's wood block set) that is just thick enough to fit into the slot of the tracks. Secure the wood in place and use a mallet to pound the track guides back into their correct position.

Bottom Row, left:

Fix a door that drifts open on its own: Remove one of the hinge pins, lay it on a hard surface, and strike it lightly with a hammer until the hinge pin has a slight bend. Tap the pin back in place. The increased friction will keep the door where you want it.

Check out the full article (and more good fix-its) right here at Popular Mechanics.

Images: Popular Mechanics

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