Um, What? Twilight Themed Decor

Um, What? Twilight Themed Decor

Grace Shu
Aug 24, 2009
Some Apartment Therapy editors who shall remain nameless will be receiving this creeptastic wall decal as a gift come holiday season...

Ever since I voiced my own disdain for all things Twilight, I've been on the receiving end of some wildly entertaining hate emails in addition to some equally hilarious emails from readers who sent me links to Twilight-themed decor...

From what I can tell, the vast majority of these items are either manufactured by diehard fans on Etsy or Hot Topic; and my general opinion is that in about ten years, there will be a lot of embarrassed women reminiscing over their Twilight obsessions--quite like how us thirty-somethings bond over that New Kids on the Block ice cream cake from our 11th birthday or how we manage to forget appointments and names of new people, yet still know all the words to Ice Ice Baby.

Unfortunately, that day can't come fast enough, and it seems to have infected not just teens, but women of all ages and relationship statuses. And the mayhem will just become worse since it appears they are making movies out of all the books--and quite possibly taking a cue from Harry Potter and splitting the last book into two. If that is really, truly the plan, I pray that Robert Pattinson follows the lead of Jake Ryan (aka Michael Schoeffling) and escapes to Pennsylvania to become a carpenter. I mean, look at this:

Yes, it's an Edward Cullen shower curtain. The only thing scarier than the actual product is that it is noted in the description that it was made "by request." But I still think this takes the cake:

The first time I saw this bedding, I was rendered speechless: My friend's daughter Maggie insisted on having it before she went off to summer camp, so we spent a weekend trying to locate it. Seriously, it was one of the most ridiculous trips I've ever made to the Arcadia shopping mall, and I have to admit that I almost had a panic attack at the Hot Topic because it was overrun with moms and daughters all fighting to get their hands on a set. I had to leave the shop and get my bearings at the Dippin' Dots kiosk. Anyway, with that kind of record-breaking sales figure, it's no surprise that Hot Topic has already geared up to release yet another blanket to coincide with the release of the sequel. Unfortunately, it's not as hilariously bad as this one--but it's still bad:

When Maggie asked me what I thought of this fleece blanket and pillow set, all I could muster was, "It looks like an interesting way to get a rash. It's looks as comfortable as sandpaper."

Like most things, Twilight-mania will blow over (...eventually); and while we may laugh about it now, here's the real question of the day: What is the most embarrassing thing you had in your room as a child?

(For the record, mine was probably a Garfield poster with the saying, "Tact is for Wienies.")

(Images: Twilight Guide, Hot Topic, Vinyl Fruit Etsy shop, Custom Shower Curtains Etsy Shop)

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