UMA Cutout Screen Panel Set

UMA Cutout Screen Panel Set

Gregory Han
Sep 11, 2008

Have a space you want to divide, yet allow light and air in? UMA's Cutout Screen Panel Set are an ornately designed damask and floral partition that provides an attractive and airy doorwas partition, or could be used to divide large open spaces for a semi-private effect. For those of you with a limited budget and steady X-acto blade skills, there's also a DIY option...

With a firm grip, some sharp X-acto blades, a cutting board and some sheets of coloured Bristol board from any arts supplies or stationery store, one could create their own budget version of the UMA screen panels. All you additionally need is a damask or floral design that suits your fancy, and a great place to start off looking is Mujka Design Shop, where a selection of embroidery patterns can be downloaded in high resolution vector form (meaning, the lines will be crisp and with scalable resolution for whatever size you want your tiles to be).

Print out the design and carefully cutout the designs ontop of the bristol board (you might want to spray mount them directly so they won't shift). Afterward, you can link them together using small binder rings or clear fishing wire to attach them altogether.

Another idea would be to print these designs with an inkjet printer onto clear adhesive sheets and apply them directly onto clear plastic sheets, reducing the time and skill level to basically applying a sticker (and likely carefully removing some bubbles; we'd recommend using an inkjet printer that uses waterproof ink and carefully squeegee the bubbles out with a light soap and water formula)...very similar to these Armstrong Hanging Room Dividers, but customizable to your heart's content.

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