Unboxing the iPeep

Unboxing the iPeep

Kristen Lubbe
Apr 6, 2010

The unboxing process of any newly released piece of technology is very exciting. People who haven't had the pleasure of getting their hands on said piece of technology want to know exactly how the product is packaged and how to get it out. Package design is extremely important in this little world of ours &mdash so pay attention to it!

Over at Gelatobaby &mdash she was super excited to unbox the iPeep, a recently released piece of technology that was made available around Easter. She was sure to get all of the important and much sought after shots that make the unboxing process so captivating.

First she started with the front of the box shot &mdash a staple shot. It's a must, without it the unboxing process is pointless. Next she got the back of the box. This is important because a lot of companies put important information on the back &mdash such as warranties, directions and how to contact tech support. Third, she took shots of removing the shrink wrap, people generally love this the most. Maybe it's because you could learn a new technique of removing shrink wrap, or maybe remove it all in one piece.

Once the shrink wrap has been removed, she photographs the iPeep removed from the box, but still right next to it. People really enjoy this shot because tech packaging is designed specifically for that one item and no others could fit quite right. Lastly, a shot of her using the iPeep &mdash the glory shot. An testimonial to how great the product is, and that it works perfectly right out of the box.

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