Unconventional Looking Remote Controls

Unconventional Looking Remote Controls

Joel Pirela
Sep 28, 2011

After our smartphones, remote controls are the second most used handhelds around the house, (ok, maybe the mouse is second, but only in the office!) We've gathered a handful of controls offering a more ergonomic and less-numeric centric user experience, easier on both the eyes and hands.

Lunar Gesture Remote Control
Looking more like a mouse, the Lunar Gesture Remote Control is more futuristic looking than anything we've seen around in a long time. A button less remote, to operate commands, the user is expected to hold it on his/her hand and use gestures with their fingers to get the desired response. Quite similar as today touch sensitive screens, each function has a gesture associated with it. Pretty neat.

Peel Universal Control
The Peel is a hardware/software combo that works in tandem with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The cool thing about the Peel is that you can get rid of all the senseless navigation quirks to go straight to what you want to do with no hassle. The cool looking fruit-like device, acts as a hub to control all your devices with your iPhone's Peel App.

Soccer Ball Remote Control
If you are big Soccer fan, this is the remote for you. The Soccer Ball Remote Control comes with pre-programmed keys that work with most TV sets and DVD players. Working range is 20 feet and retails for $20. Could you imagine when somebody ask you to pass the remote? You just kick it hard!

Magic Wand Remote Control
Harry Potter anyone? The only remote controller that forks like magic! The Wand, converts up to 13 different hand gestures into infrared remote signals. You just need to wave the Wand in the proper direction in the air and "like magic" the command will be sent to your TV set or cable box. It also features a feedback system that provides vibrating pulses that confirm your gestures and also when the battery is running low. Expecto Patronum Voluminetrius!

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