Understudy Adds Hulu to Front Row, Almost

Understudy Adds Hulu to Front Row, Almost

Trent Johnson
Jun 16, 2010

Sounds like your new Mac Mini's new best friend, right? A free add on for Front Row that allows access to streaming video from Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. While it's free, it's also a work in progress and thus has the accompanying kinks that are yet to be ironed out. See what works, and what doesn't, after the jump.

I wish I could tell you that the dream of having another dashboard, like Boxee or XBMC, that plays and streams you favorite media including Hulu and Netflix was here. Unfortunately, it's not. While the ultimate goal of Understudy is to bring Netflix, Hulu and YouTube integration to Front Row for a cleaner and simple Boxee replacement, it's not quite there. Most features failed to work and media selection is limited to "Recent Additions," "Most Popular", and your own subscription.

What works?

I was able to get Hulu to play in a similar fashion to Boxee - not in full screen to begin with, but possible to maximize after launch. Furthermore, Front Row crashed several times while opening Hulu shows on my Intel iMac. Things were a bit smoother on the MacBook Pro but not seamless by any means. I was also unable to get Netflix to work in any capacity on either the iMac or MacBook Pro.

Hopefully, with continued updates, the glitches will get ironed out to allow for a simple dashboard that's closer to the dream. Until then, I'll just keep hoping Hulu comes to the Xbox 360 or for Hulu to allow Boxee to further improve.

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Visit Understudy's home here at Google Code.

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