Unearthed Paints: A Natural Choice for Nurseries

Unearthed Paints: A Natural Choice for Nurseries

Richard Popovic
Dec 8, 2011

With the increase in public awareness about the potential dangers posed by volatile organic chemicals (VOC's) in paints came a welcome increase in low or no VOC paint manufacturers. These paints are obvious choices for nurseries and kids' rooms, due to the especially harmful effects toxins and chemicals can have on youngsters. A recent entry into this growing market caught my eye not only for its deep colors and environmental commitment, but for its interesting list of ingredients.

White Porcelain Clay. Reclaimed Italian Marble. Chalk. These are just a few of the ingredients that make Unearthed Paints standout in an increasingly crowded category. Their line of paints and plasters are completely free of petrochemical or synthetic ingredients and they claim they are safe enough to be used by pregnant women. The list of ingredients is printed on every label so the user can be sure there will be no allergic reactions or other health concerns.

Unearthed Paints require the user to be a bit more involved than what they may be used to. Each color pigment has to be mixed and certain types work best when thinned out a bit. They also do not offer as much coverage as a typical paint, but the colors look to be quite deep and pretty unique, as does the finished texture. The company's commitment to the environment is impressive, with a carbon neutral factory, carbon offset shipping and a pledge to protect one square foot of rainforest for every square foot of paint it sells.

Of course, the proof is in the finished product, and as a former professional painter I always caution people about jumping onto an untested product's bandwagon (the current 'primer and paint in one' fad is a good example). But this product has been sold in Germany and throughout Europe for over thirty years (under the name Kreidezeit), so at least we know it has some sticking power.

Like most specialty products, this paint is not cheap. But, sadly enough, what natural alternative ever is? Check out their entire product line at the Unearthed Paint website. And if anyone has ever used it or plans to, please comment below or drop me a line. I am quite interested to hear a real-world review.

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