8 Unconventional Headboard Ideas that Are Definitely Worth Trying

published Jul 3, 2019
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Credit: Anna Hudson

Headboards are one of those design elements that leave a lot of room for choice. You can have one, you can leave one off, or you can get weird and experimental with one. If you’re open to non-traditional options, there are more than a handful of creative ideas that’ll take your room to the next level. By ditching the usual route, you can play with tapestry headboards, folding screen toppers, or give yourself the excuse to add extra storage over your bed. If you’re open to playing around with the look of your bedroom, find some fun options ahead.

Credit: Viv Yapp

Paint One

If you don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on a headboard, you can create one for the price of a paint can. Even better, you can choose exactly what colors, shapes, and designs to include, thanks to the freedom of a paint brush. 

Credit: Anna Hudson

Hang a Tapestry

Hanging a tapestry over your bed might throw you back to your college dorm years, but it all depends on how you tack on the cloth. Rather than letting it droop in the middle, throw the tapestry over a pole to give it strong lines, and hang it onto the wall.

Go for Extra Storage

Turn your headboard into a storage solution by positioning your bed in front of shelves and cabinets. This is especially great for homes with tiny closets or no closets at all.

Get Geometric

Give your room a slight bohemian touch by introducing wooden geometric shapes into the space. This headboard is easy to accomplish—all you need to do is bolt two wooden pieces above your bed to create a sharp triangle.

Try Something Vintage

If you love thrift shopping and the thrill of a good flea hunt, then your next headboard just might be tucked away among the treasures on sale. There’s something very charming and old-world about using a folding screen as a headboard.

Get an Extension

Make a statement with your headboard by having it span the entire wall. This simple white panel one also doubles as a small ledge to prop up prints and frames. 

Go Up and Over

If you love the cozy feeling that wood brings to a room, you can try making an extended headboard like Laurel did. The wooden panels creep up the wall and up the ceiling, carving out a bed nook. The headboard also has small twinkle lights installed into the wood, which create a hygge feeling when turned on in the evening.