Unexpected Storage for Small Spaces

Unexpected Storage for Small Spaces

Laure Joliet
Apr 30, 2010

Living in a small space you can get pretty creative with where things go. Abby stores her sweaters in the freezer and we've got boxes of photographs in the kitchen. Jump below for some more unconventional spots for the usual suspects.

Small Hallway. Turn a hallway into a mini library by keeping the books facing out.
Mail Sorter. You don't need a whole credenza or counter in order to make an entryway landing pad, just some cloth pockets hung on the door or a wall and all your mail and keys are sorted.
Doorways. This is a great spot to stash some nice looking heels or to add a shelf to store some boxes of not-too-heavy things.
Suitcases. Better Homes and Gardens had this great idea to use old suitcases to store decorations, wrapping paper, seasonal clothes, gifts to give, etc.
Space Above Cabinets. In the kitchen, if you've got a space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, consider adding boxes (with a lid, it gets dusty and greasy otherwise). It will fill in the gap and give you a place to stash things.
The Freezer. This might just be Abby's territory, although Maxwell puts his jeans in there...
Under the Sofa. Our bf's mother keeps all of her bills, paperwork and magazines in baskets slipped under the couch so that when she's curled up there, she can just slide them out and work on them, and then slide them back, no muss no fuss.
Wine Rack. Repurpose a wine rack to store yarn, magazines, bills, etc.
The Floor (sort of). Use a stool in the bathroom to pile up neatly folded towels in place of a linen closet. You can also install a shelf above the doorway for this, or roll them up in put them in a basket.
The Ceiling. Upcycle a screen door and use it as a pot rack , making great use of vertical space.
Use Rafters as a shelf for photos, books and small lights.
Vintage Furniture. This old mail caddy can be used for shoes, magazines, office supplies, collections, etc.
Shoe organizers. We've extolled the virtues of the over the door shoe organizer for wrangling everything from medicine to socks and underwear. The back of the door is a great spot for storage, especially if you have a lot of small things looking for a home.

What are you weirdest home storage quirks?

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