You Need More Linen in Your Home, and These 10 Items Are Proof

published Aug 6, 2020
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Ever since I slept on my first linen sheet set a few years ago, I’ve become a linen convert. I used to associate this material with breezy summer pants—you know the kind you’d find a preppy model wearing in a J.Crew catalogue. When the linen bedding trend exploded a few years ago, I cozied up to this soft, airy material, and I fell in love—fast.

One of my most beloved features of linen is its relaxed air. Throw a linen duvet on your bed and your room instantly feels calmer and more zen-like. Just ask Parachute founder and CEO Ariel Kaye, who’s also a big fan. “Linen has so many benefits,” says Kaye. “I’m personally drawn to linen’s subtle texture, soft hand-feel, and laid-back look.” While this material continues to be a perennial fan favorite in the bedding department, many brands have started incorporating linen into essentials for every room in the house. This got me to thinking—where else could I be using linen in my home? Of course, table linens and curtains come to mind, but there are other sneaky ways to take advantage of linen’s anti-microbial properties, breathability, and all around chill vibes elsewhere, too. If you’re ready to take linen outside the bedroom, here are 10 smart, stylish places to start.

Credit: West Elm

1. The Wolf Nest Linen Dog Bed

Talk about thoughtful design—your fur baby will reap the temperature-regulating benefits of linen, since this bed features a top layer made of deadstock linen. Each also comes with a removable lavender sachet in the outer pouch, which will not only calm your pooch but can also help camouflage that wet doggy smell.

Buy: The Wolf Nest Linen Dog Bed, Starts at $175 from West Elm

Credit: Target

2. Britanna Oversized Patio Ottoman

Since you’re spending most of your time outdoors, why not invest in patio furniture that brings major joy? Made with hand-woven resin wicker and a fade-resistance linen cushion, this bohemian-inspired ottoman is as stylish as it is comfy. Let the social distanced backyard hangs begin! An added bonus—when linen is stretched tightly over a furniture frame, it doesn’t wrinkle. You could totally use this piece indoors, too.

Buy: Opalhouse Britanna Oversized Patio Ottoman, $200.00 from Target

Credit: Fog Linen

3. Linen Massage Bath Mitten

One of the great things about linen, besides the fact that it’s a strong fiber, is that it’s also a natural bacteria repellant. Its airy weave is not a good breeding ground for germs, making it perfect for wet areas like the bath and ideal for something like this bath mitten that’s meant for exfoliating.

Buy: Linen Massage Bath Mitten, $18.00 from Fog Linen

Credit: Garnet Hill

4. Wildflower Linen Shower Curtain

I’ve seen a lot of plain white shower curtains, and that’s fine for minimalist bathrooms. Some of us, however, look to our shower curtains to perk the place up. Enter: Garnet Hill’s pretty floral linen version in warm, muted shades.

Buy: Wildflower Linen Shower Curtain, $99.00 from Garnet Hill

Credit: CB2

5. Archer Lacquered Linen Nightstand

With its curvy design, this nightstand is so on trend. The layer of luxe, sophisticated linen, however, gives it a timeless feel, and the neutral shade can work in a modern or more traditional design scheme. Just remember—use coasters for that bedside glass of water!

Buy: Archer Lacquered Linen Nightstand, $349 from CB2

Credit: Food 52

6. Linen Bread Bags

Step up your sustainability game with these linen bread bags. They’ll definitely last longer than paper or plastic options. If you’ve taken up bread baking during the pandemic, linen bags also keep fresh-out-the-oven rolls warm longer than tea towels do, too.

Buy: Linen Bread Bags by Lakeshore Linen, $36 for a set of two from Food52

Credit: Amazon

7. Linen Bath Towel

Perfect for workout enthusiasts or anyone whose towel smells musty after a few uses, these natural linen waffle weave towels absorb moisture better than cotton. Plus, they’re super light, making them easy to shove into a gym or beach bag.

Buy: Linen Bath Towel by ThingStories, $31.95 from Amazon

8. Bigso Linen Marten Desktop Organizer

You may not be heading back into the office until next year, so why not make your home workspace a little more pleasant? Bigso’s desktop organizer corrals all of your work essentials, so you’re not perpetually searching for a pen or sticky pad.

Buy: Bigso Linen Marten Desktop Organizer, $15.99 each from The Container Store

Credit: H&M Home

9. Washed Linen Cushion Cover

H&M Home is a treasure trove of affordable and stylish home decor. The brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to luxe-looking linen cushion covers, which it offers in a variety of trendy colors. At $12.99 a pop, you won’t mind switching out shades for a new season.

Buy: Washed Linen Cushion Cover, $12.99 each from H&M Home

Credit: World Market

10. Gray Linen Napkins

You might not set a classic table to Martha Stewart’s standards (who does?), but one quick way to make dinnertime feel fancier is with linen napkins. Trust me, your guests—when guests are a thing again—will appreciate the effort.

Buy: Gray Linen Napkins, $23.96 for a set of four from Cost Plus World Market