Unhappy Heading Home? 3 Reasons Why (And The Fixes That Will Help)

Unhappy Heading Home? 3 Reasons Why (And The Fixes That Will Help)

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 3, 2015

It's been a long day at work, it's been a miserable ride in the traffic commute and you still aren't all that jazzed about walking through your front door. If that's the case, we bet it has to do with one of the things this post mentions — and we've got a fix that can help.

You're greeted by a mess

The last thing you probably want to come home to after a long day at work is piles of laundry, dishes, mail and more sprinkled around your home's flat surfaces.

The fix: Two things. Find a cleaning schedule that works with your lifestyle and do a little picking up every morning before you leave out the door (like the kind of quick picking up you might do if guests are about to arrive).

You don't feel like the folks you're sharing your space with are pulling their fair share

Even worse than coming home from a mess you've made is coming home to a mess made from someone else other than yourself. If you feel like a spouse or roommate isn't helping out enough (sorry but we can't help you get pets to do more), then you might have to have a discussion.

The fix: Well, it's going to involve communication. Not letting things fester into resentment is key here. Nice, non-accusing tones mixed with clearly stated issues and what you need and how they can help. Making rules that work for everyone — and not just handing out demands — will make it feel like a plan everyone came up with.

You have nothing to look forward to

What does home represent to you? Just a place to sleep, wake-up and then head to work? Boredom with home can creep in fast, especially if you live alone. But you can make coming home more enjoyable if you set up things to be excited to come home to.

The fix: From trying out a new recipe for dinner, to throwing a small gathering, to working on a hobby in a devoted work space to even just binge-watching your favorite new Netflix show, the key here is to spend a little time carving out a space and time for it. So pick out a recipe on your lunch hour and shop before you even get home. Create a little space that houses hobby supplies you can get into easily without having to dig out of the back of a closet. Make your sofa the most comfortable home theater seat you've ever felt.

Have you ever been in a situation where coming home wasn't particularly exciting? What was it — and how did you deal with it?

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