Uniform Hangers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We wouldn’t describe ourselves as neat freaks, but there are a few things we’re kind of anal about, one being our closet. And one of the easiest ways to pull together the look of this space is to make a small investment and purchase uniform hangers.

We find this simple upgrade, along with hanging all clothes in the same direction, makes a closet instantly feel less chaotic. And not to get all Joan Crawford on you, but wire hangers are pretty much bad news. Replacing them with something with a bit more body will ensure that your clothes never have those little “peaks” at your shoulders from resting on a thin hanger for too long. This could be a bit excessive, but maybe taking along a few of your own hangers when picking up dry-cleaning would help banish the stray collection of wire ones from your home, and also cut down on waste. Or, you could ask your dry cleaner to forgo wire hangers altogether and switch to these. Thoughts?

Image via Clemente.