Unique Cards by The Great Lakes

Printed on 100% recycled paper, the funny and endearing cards by Brooklyn-based The Great Lakes incorporate the modern aesthetics of minimalism with some bright color.

The Great Lakes was founded in 2007 by Rose Lazar as an expression of her creativity. My personal favorite fact about Rose other than the recycled paper? Her inspiration. She lists the following as some of those who have inspired her: “…fleetwood mac, charley harper, rob ryan, louise bourgeois, 50 cent, the shakers, campfires, simon and garfunkel, tina fey, massive amounts of candy, nature and nurture (equally), ms. josephine, sweet romance and good ole fashioned nostalgia. Rose takes these influences and creates something that feels new and at the same time old hat.”

Wow! 50 cent and nature in the same company. This is what helps make Rose’s designs unique, humorous, and romantic.

Her cards go for $4 a piece and can be bought online at her shop, or at retailers across the US.

(Images: The Great Lakes)