Unique Workspace Inspiration from the Ace Hotels

Unique Workspace Inspiration from the Ace Hotels

Mike Tyson
May 4, 2011

Any self-respecting hipster should already be well aware of the budding hotel chain the Ace Hotel. We've blogged about the Ace plenty of times before over at Apartment Therapy mainly because we're fascinated by their boutique appearance. The style could be described as eclectic modern, with custom mural walls and vintage bits and bobs strewn about the rooms. Today we wanted to take a look at their workspace designs to see if we can't find some inspiration for our own homes.

1st image: The first bit of inspiration offered by Ace is a keen way to hide wires. They've created panels of canvas which sit a top the wall and mask the hanging television's unsightly cables.

2nd image: A common desk setup in their rooms is a floating wood panel one which is typically anchored in the corner. We're fond of the cozy nook space these desks create, paired with the white/grey color pallete. A black turntable and vintage Eames chair completes the look.

3rd image: This is a second example of those nook-like setups. Here they've fit a tiny floating desk in-between a large storage unit in the wall. The lighting is masked by a shelf below the television, hiding the unsightly source and showing just the beautiful glow down along the walls and desk. And how about that enormous bathroom? Color us jealous.

4th-6th image: If you wanted some ideas on how to make a bold statement in your drab workspace, a wall mural will surely do it. Here are three examples from Ace which would be relatively simple to accomplish. The first idea would be to create a basic black/white illustration. If you have any artistically minded friends (or maybe you are one!) this could be a fun task to do together. They could outline the drawing for you while you fill it in. A second painting option would be to quickly throw up a word or sentence in a haphazard fashion.The messy look would certainly be bold, but it isn't for everyone. This example is only for the truly daring wordsmiths. Finally, lining the walls in pages from a book can have beautiful results, especially when using some photographic pages as seen here. What we can't believe is how the wall perfectly fits a column of 10 pages without needing to crop them at all!

7th image: If you're looking to spruce up a simple floating desk by adding some industrial edge, you could think of anchoring it to the ceiling using standard black plumbing pipe found at your local hardware store. Not only does this provide extra support for the desk, but you can now use the pole for hanging lamps, or even attaching paperwork with magnets.

8th image: Granted, not many of us city-dwellers will have the space to pull off this beauty of a desk and yet we couldn't help but highlight this elegant desk which works as a focal point and room divider of the studio. Luckily it does more than double duty acting as a workspace, a TV and turntable stand, storage unit, and a place to dine.

(2nd image: Flickr member aforonda, 3rd image: Flickr member everyplace, 4th image: Flickr member greta red, 9th image: Flickr member gak licensed for use under Creative Commons)

All other images via Ace Hotel

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