United Keys OLED Keypad: The Affordable Optimus

United Keys OLED Keypad: The Affordable Optimus

Range Govindan
Dec 18, 2008

Optimus. You know you want it. We all want it, but who can afford to spend $1500 on a keyboard? Not a lot of people, still it's something to strive for. Well, it looks like Art Lebedev aren't the only ones in the OLED keypad market. United Keys just launched their own version. The only difference is that the United Keys keypad and keyboard are monochrome, not in living color.

Dubbed as the poor man's Optimus, the United Keys OLED comes in two different versions. One comes integrated in a full on keyboard. Or you can just purchase the OLED keypad. It depends on your needs. You'll pay $200 for the keypad and $260 for the keyboard. United Keys' reason for this product is that it increases productivity, thanks to the visual icons.

Naturally, multiple grids can be programmed, depending on what your are doing. It's pretty standard stuff really. The design doesn't really grab your attention as much as the Optimus, since it's standard and the keys are monochrome. There have been a few software issues, but United Keys says that this will be improved bit by bit. United Keys is also looking into launching a color version, the main limitation of that is the price.

We find this interesting. It's definitely not as cool as the Optimus, but if you really want an Optimus and can't afford it, this might be for you. Otherwise, there's always the upcoming Optimus-Aux, which is also an OLED keypad. However, it's in color, has 15 keys instead of 9, and it looks really nice.

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