Un-Jam a Remote Button Without Opening It

Un-Jam a Remote Button Without Opening It

Taryn Williford
Sep 1, 2009

Furiously thumbing away at the remote control to find something—anything!—on television can leave you with a few stuck buttons (Why do we pay for 1000 channels again?). Good news: There's an easy solution that doesn't include opening up the remote case...

Sure, sometimes popping out the rubber insert from inside seems easy.

But when there's no screws and no clues as to how to get the casing open—or to put it back together, yikes!—this is a great, cheap (all you need is a straw!) and easy solution courtesy of Goblinshark123 at Instructables.

The hardest part is cutting the straw right (the diagram up there should help), then after that there's really only one step: Jam the slice of straw between the stuck button and the remotes housing. Then rotate the straw until it reaches its starting point. Your button should pop up effortlessly after you separate it from whatever's keeping it pushed down.

Via Instructables

(Image: Flickr member Okko Pyykko licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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