Unlock Secret Menus Using the Mysterious Mac Option Key

Unlock Secret Menus Using the Mysterious Mac Option Key

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 16, 2010

Behold! The mysterious Option key (also known as Alt) found on Macs that we often see, but no one actually knows what it does (unless you're a shortcut master using Adobe software). Tested and Lifehacker have done some extra poking around to see what else the Option key has to offer. What'd they find? Every efficiency nerds' dream fantasies come true - a fistful of hidden menus, shortcuts, and more...

First, just try this. Just hold down your Mac's Option key and start clicking some of the menu icons on the upper right corner. Voila! Hidden goodies!

Lifehacker also discovered you can quickly access individual preferences plane using the Option+F1-F12, which quickly pulls up your Display or Sound preferences without ever having to click even once.

Another added ability is changing action behaviors. This one's kind of ambiguous to be honest, but if you Option+Click things like the browser scroll bar (toggles position) and your green plus button iTunes (toggles mini-Player). The list kind of goes on, but we're guessing it's application specific so you'll just have to play around a bit. Also, when you Option+Click on an application's name in the menu bar, you can sometimes find a few hidden menu items that aren't considered standard. Trying it with Safari and iTunes, we got the option to close all Windows and create new Smart playlists.

Finally, if you didn't know: Option+Drag=Copy. That's it for now, folks!

Know a hidden trick you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

[Via Lifehacker via Tested]

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