Moving Limbo: Tips & Tricks to Unpacking A Home

Moving Limbo: Tips & Tricks to Unpacking A Home

Rachael Grad
Sep 9, 2009

We're in the middle of a move and stressed out about living in limbo. Half-unpacked with stuff spread between our old and new place, we're still deciding what to sell, donate, purge, or move. We've pulled together tips on unpacking from across Apartment Therapy, and included our mistakes so can avoid them...

What are your unpacking advice? Here are tips to learn from our moving mistakes:
• first, do not prolong your move (like we're doing!). It's much less stressful to fully move out all in one go, if possible, rather than slowly move your belongings to your new home.
Moving Tip: Pack an "Open First" Box - we found this post very helpful and included a box cutter/small knife, phone charger, and bed sheets. We'd also add to pack a bag of clean clothes so you don't have to do laundry for the first few days of living in your new home.
• try to have your bed arrive on the day you move, whether it's new or your current one. Bring an air mattress/sofa/futon for backup. Our new bed has been delayed so we are using an air mattress for the first week.
• find places to donate or sell clothing and unwanted household items near your current home (donate as you're packing) and new home (some items just won't work in your new place). Many local charities will pick up goods.
• make lamps easily accessible. Our new home doesn't have overhead lighting so lamps are a must.

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