Unplggd Is Looking For a New Blogger!

Unplggd Is Looking For a New Blogger!

Gregory Han
Sep 18, 2009

We've already received a few applicants in the last week, but we'd like to expand the selection with more potential teammates to choose from (the more the merrier). So if you're a news hound for information about home electronics, appliances, technology for children and pets, eco-friendly tech solutions...just about anything related to the world of electronics, and you've also got a great sense of aesthetics, user ergonomics and ideas about how to streamline a digital lifestyle from the tangle of wires and unnecessary gadgets, read below about how you can join the Unplggd team...

We're looking for one blogger to join our team in the coming weeks, someone described by friends as the stylish technologist...the person to go to to ask for recommendations and solutions. If these characteristics describe you, then Unplggd is looking for you! Our site is searching for someone who is motivated, self-sufficient, has a strong understanding about the synthesis of home decor with home technology and can write posts 1-2 times daily. This is a freelance paid position.

Are you:

  • Savvy with blogging already? You don't have to be a professional writer, but we are looking for writers who can write with clarity and a personable (and personal) voice.
  • Do you know how to use image editing applications like Photoshop? Crop, save for web, curves/levels...basic image editing for web ready use. We also want someone who has a knack for taking great photos themselves.
  • Can you write on a variety of topics with a wide variety of readers in mind? Sure, anyone can write about what they personally like or want for themselves, but half the job requires offering solutions outside personal experience or preference. We're looking for problem solvers.
  • Do aesthetics matter to you? Unplggd has a discriminating eye for good design, and we want a writer who can balance reporting upon specs write alongside how the product may fit/feel/look inside a home. If you're into product design as an important feature of home electronics and appliances, you're an Unplggd candidate.
  • Can you write dependably and regularly? Many people want to write about home technology. Not many can write about it day in, day out. If you live, breathe and love home technology and have a terabyte of ideas, we'd love to hear from you! We want people who would be writing about design and technology even if they weren't being paid for it (note: you will be paid per post). Passion matters.

What we want:
2 post writing samples: complete with photos sized for our post formats (540 pixels width, saved for web). The first being focused upon a product, the second post describing a solution. An example would be post #1 describing a new all-in-one home theater solution, while the #2 post would describe optimal speaker positioning for a small space room.

Please do not send us links to your own website; all submissions with linked writing samples will be ignored.

A brief description about yourself: what do you feel you might bring to Unplggd? We want to know why you might be a good fit, so share those unique tidbits of your personality and background that make you uniquely qualified. Have you created a DIY home theater system hidden inside a vintage stereo cabinet? Hack your Roomba vacuum to clean the room in a pre-set pattern? Or is your home office a glowing example of hiding wires discretely? This is the time to share links to your own projects and let us know more about the person behind the skills.

We'll be accepting applications and samples for the next 2-3 weeks and those chosen as best qualified will be contacted for a 2nd round of samples for consideration by our team. Please send all applications and samples to hometech@apartmenttherapy.com, with subject header "Unplggd Blogger Submission".

Thanks and good luck!

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