Unplggd Slinks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Today’s slinks include vacuum technology that charges up quicker and up to 70% more efficiently, Victor Vetterlein’s strange-wonderful Yo MP3 player dock with removable stereo speakers, an iTunes remote control in the shower DIY hack, and a warning about a new technology that can copy your house keys using photo analysis…

Dirt Devil Accucharge technology for hand and stick vacs reports half the charge time with 70% more charging efficiency. Now if they’d only work on the industrial design of those vacuums.

YO by Victor Vetterlein reminds us a dog’s ears when they hear something from afar. Strange, but in a good way.

The Shower Button Hack: hate it when you’re rocking out in the shower with your itunes on shuffle and then that track you hate comes on and you have to just wait for it to end because you’re too wet to go out to your computer? Check out this push button solution hack.

Wire Gadget Labs report
about a software that enables cameras to duplicate keys. Stealth key covers reportedly now in the works at key manufacturer’s skunkworks.