Unplggd's Top Download Picks for 5.12.2011

Unplggd's Top Download Picks for 5.12.2011

Jesse Leikin
May 12, 2011

These days, the application that we seem to use more than anything else on our computers is the web browser. Regardless of which browser you are loyal to, a vast majority of us spend over half our computing time in this one application. If this is the case for you - like it is for so many - then browser extensions may be a great productivity enhancement for your browsing needs.

Chrome Extensions:
Revolver Tabs: If you are a big time tabs user, then this slick add-on will provide the perfect amount of style and functionality. With its ability to view all of your tabs in mini-windows, its no wonder that it receives such rave reviews.

Account Switcher: Do you love Gmail? Do you love Gmail so much that you have multiple accounts? Well if you do, then you know that switching accounts (even with Google's built in process) is a bit cumbersome. With Account Switcher, a simple menu item is added that lists all of your accounts. A simple quick and you have switched.

WhatFont: If you are a graphic designer, then this is a must have extenuation for your chrome browser. Next time you come across a site and want to know what text is used, WhatFont will be there to help. Simply hover over the text and WhatFont will do the rest.

Firefox Add-Ons:
TabsRight: As the name suggests, this is a browser extension for those who love tabs. With TabRight, you can use a variety of ways to create and close new tabs. This proves incredibly useful for those that like to open various links in new tabs instead of navigating your current page to a new site.

Download Manager Tweak: This add-on does not drastically change the download manager in Firefox, but it does add some great display enhancements. Including the ability to open the download manger in a new tab as apposed to its own window, this quick download fills in most of the minor flaws of Firefox's download manager.

ReminderFox: Since you are doing everything else from you browser anyway, its time to let you browser serve as the central hub for all of your reminders as well. With ReminderFox you won't ever have to leave you browser to remember important tasks or people birthdays. Instead everything is displayed within the browser.

Chrome Frame: If you happen to still be using Internet Explorer, then please download this plug-in. Being that IE is the only major browser not supporting many HTML 5 technologies, such as webGL, this plug-in will be your friend in the near future. What it does is allow for all of the new technology supported by Google's Chrome browser to run within IE. You may not notice it today, but you will thank us later as 3D graphics come to the browser and online entertainment becomes more real.

(Image: Flickr user mcclave licensed under creative commons)

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