Unplug for an Evening: Try a Media Fast

updated Dec 19, 2019
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Day 10: Wednesday, January 15
Assignment: Try a media fast this evening

Believe me, I relish the feeling of being connected all the time. But, as with most things, both good and not-so-good, I’ve realized that a little more balance is needed. Constant information and communication, the ability to access all shows, sites and stores, whenever and wherever can definitely lead to an overloaded home life. I’ve embraced a bit of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” attitude and am enjoying the resulting calm and clarity. Tonight, you can too – it’s time to turn your home back into the centering sanctuary that everyone needs now and then…

Your home a space where you can retreat from the outside world and focus on what is important, joyful, healthful and centering for you. Tonight, why not make that make that retreat just a bit more intentional – a little quieter and deeper than usual – and see how it feels? Your assignment today is to give a media fast a try.

Today’s Assignment:

It’s simple in concept but can be tough in the execution. This evening (or whenever your main block of “home time” is) take a break from television, computer, tablet and cell or smart phone.

Part of the takeaway of doing the Cure is having the experience of spending time in our homes in different ways, which helps us to find new ways to enjoy it. This media fast will shake up the routine a bit and give you a rare break from the energy of the outside world finding its way into your private space.

Maxwell explains one of the perks of there exercise well in the Eight Step Home Cure: “As you experience your home time without the usual sights and sounds to listen to, pay attention to how you feel. While you may find it uncomfortable and unfamiliar at first, you will inevitably find yourself with time that is unfilled and now yours to spend in new ways.”

If you have an idea of how you plan to spend your time, let us know in the comments. I also hope everyone will circle back around to this post again tomorrow (tonight Apartment Therapy is off limits!) and let us know what you did and how you feel about your retreat evening – good luck and enjoy!

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