Unusual Curtain Rods You Can Make

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What do a branch, doorknob, garden shovel, hockey stick, and wooden toy wheels have in common? Why, curtain rods of course! In this series by Better Homes and Gardens, cheap everyday items are recreated into classy, fun, and themed curtain rods. Check out some of my favorites.

Branch Inspired Curtain Rod: This is literally a branch pruned from a yard, spray painted white with tie-top curtains to fit over the varied surface of the branch.

Classy Doorknobs: This curtain rod is wrapped in ribbon and has a set of doorknobs inserted into either end to add a bit of elegance to the curtain rods.

Odds n Ends: Do you have random bulbs laying around? These bone-inlay orbs were used to top off the wooden dowel with small wood rings to add the unusual.

The Gardener Inside: Now this is a fun and themed piece. It uses a piece of PVC pipe with two trowels stuck into either side. Great for decorative sheds and mudrooms.

Pond Hockey Indoors: For the sports lovers, sticks like hockey or lacrosse sticks can be fun and ornamental. They hung shower curtain hooks painted black to make the curtain rings and mounted it on hidden brackets.

You can also use easy add-ons like finials (those spiky or round things on the end of the curtain rod) to quickly dress up your curtain rods and tie them into the rest of the room.