Upcoming Auctions of Interest For The Midwest

Upcoming Auctions of Interest For The Midwest

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 21, 2008

Auctions are a blast as we have discovered in the past, but sifting through the riff raff of hundreds of auctioneers can be tricky. We have spared you the pains of searching and have found a few auctions for this upcoming weekend. Spanning the Midwest, there are some fantastic gems that might be worth a impromptu road trip for. Click through the jump to discover treasures in hiding...

Don't forget to check the upper left hand corner of the page to see if there are pictures of the auction to be viewed. Some have everything listed in photos, while others have none. It can be worth your time to take the extra step to make sure the auction is truly of your interest!

Friday, August 22nd

  • Produce Auction in Wakarusa, In. Never having personally been to a "produce auction" before, this listing is greatly intriguing.

  • Furniture, Sport Collectibles, Old Toys and Stoneware Auction in Lebanon, Tn. This looks to be a truly fantastic auction. You can usually judge what other things might be at an auction based on the pictures that were taken. This listing has a ridiculous amount of photographs giving you an idea of the era of things that will be auctioned off.

  • Antiques and Furniture Auction at Schaffner's Auction Barn in Wray, Co.
    This looks to be a packed list of inventory. Be prepared to come early and stay late to bid on the items you want.

  • Farm, Equiptment, and Antique Auction in Kiester, MN Auctions of this nature attract two kinds of people. Young farmers looking for deals on equipment and old farmers looking for something to replace equipment they have had for years. They are solid bets for taking home furniture for literally a few dollars or used farm "things" to bring a bit of rustic into your space.

    Saturday, August 23rd

  • Police Auction in South Bend, In Police auctions are hit or miss. They are either fantastic creatures that bring you items you might not have been able to afford, or they are total busts with items that someone would have to pay you to take home. Either way, it only takes a few minutes to stick your head in the door to find out which kind this one will be!

  • Antiques, Vintage Kitchen and Advertising Auction in Union, Mo. This looks like a full listing, although it seems to list many items by brand to entice the buyer to coming in. Which although it makes sense, usually means there will be 3x the amount of items for bidding the day of sale. Stash a snack in your purse and bring a cup of coffee with you so you don't have to leave.

  • George Quillman Repair Shop Auction in Campbell Hill, Il There are a few things that as we all grew up we found out weren't cheap. Tools are one of them. Who knew that the 7 hammers your dad had in the garage were really worth $100+? Mechanics equipment aside, this is a great auction for picking up small storage containers and large pieces that would work in your home.

  • Large Two Ring Auction in Lawrence, In This auction has some great finds, Mid Century furniture, antiques in good condition and there's a ton of it. Not only is it two days (Saturday and Sunday) it's a two ring auction. Two ring auctions can be a bit tricky to navigate. They are best done with a friend, husband or wife in tow. Two people means you are sure not to miss a thing, although don't forget to coordinate on which items you will be bidding on. Calling a friend to come help you haul your finds home usually involves bribes of food or drinks.

  • Uncommonly Good Estate Auction in La Crosse, Wi This auctions looks to draw many collectors and for good reason. Many of the items listed are in great shape and are still full of color. Watch for those collectors/antique dealers who might be purchasing certain types of things. It will let you know if you will face opposition when it comes bidding time.

    Sunday, August 24th

    You can find several auctions for Sunday, although a day of rest always brings nice balance to everyone's weekend. There are a few auctions that might be worth swinging by, but nothing that called to us from states away.

    Don't forget when auction hunting to come a few minutes. Allow yourself time to look things over without pushing the little old man in the polyester suit out of the way. Knowing which things you want without fawning all over it will bring an element of surprise to those you might be bidding against. Bring a drink, and eat breakfast before you come. Think outside the box and you are sure to find treasures that can adorn your home for all different tastes and styles. Happy hunting!

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