Upcoming Interview: Jonathan Adler

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This just in from Jonathan. He says he’s reading all the comments on the site, and if the questions come in & some are “vicious”…no problem. He’s ready.

There it is. Bring on your funky questions.

What would you like to ask Jonathan (aka The Potter King)?

Comment below. On Thursday (when we do the interview) we’ll choose the best ones and see what he says.

You said you were interested in more interviews, so we thought to ourselves, “Who would AT readers most want to meet?”
“How about Jonathan Adler?”
“Hey, that’s a good idea!” we continued to think.
So we emailed him, and he said, “Sure, would love to!” and we decided we would be sure to focus on his new book, My Presciption for Anti-Depressive Living, so the opportunity to flog good, new product wouldn’t be lost.

But we also said we’d ask you, dear reader, what questions you would like to ask Jonathan about his designs and FAB style. So here we go (and keep it clean, children).