Update On My Baby Greens: HELP!

Update On My Baby Greens: HELP!

Michelle Chin
Oct 28, 2011

A few weeks ago I posted a tutorial on planting baby lettuce and promised to post an update. The seeds have sprouted and are definitely green, but I think they've stalled at the micro greens stage and I'm not sure what to do. I've thinned them, but do I need to thin them more? I've never grown vegetables from seed before, so this is all new territory for me.

I thought I'd be well stocked in delicious salad greens by now. We had a pretty terrible heat spell, which seemed to stunt the little seedlings, but now that the weather has mellowed out a little, they seem to be growing stronger, but not much taller over the past 29 days. I've been careful to water them so they're always moist, but not wet. They get more than 8 hours of light per day, though for 2 hours when the sun is at its most intense, they are protected from direct sunlight.

So...any of you gardening gurus out there have helpful tips? Anyone else freaked out by thinning the little infant plants like I am? I'm at a loss.

(Image: Michelle Chin)

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